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This case comes to us upon certified question from the Court of Civil Appeals for the Seventh Supreme Judicial District, the statement and questions being as follows:. Heflin, his next friend, and Y. Said Court of the Second District reached and tried, in October and November, , some of the cases appealed from counties in the Seventh District and filed in the Court of the Second District after June 9, ; and after the decision in the Storey case said Court for the Second District set aside, on its own motion, all decisions rendered in cases in the class last named; and on December 11, , said Court for the Second Supreme Judicial District entered the following order:.

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The Eastern Ry. The transcript and statement of facts, together with the brief of plaintiff in error, are now and have been in the possession of the clerk of this court since they were transferred from the Court of the Second District. That there was great confusion and uncertainty as to whether the Act creating the Seventh District alone was in force or whether an Act passed at the same term and creating the Seventh and Eighth Judicial Districts was in force, which doubt and uncertainty continued until the Supreme Court settled the matter on the 10th day of November, , in the case of Railway Co.

Storey, S. That they could find no authority on the question by the courts of Texas except the case of Gordon v.

Rhodes, S. Whittaker, reported in S. Railway Co. McMahan, 20 S. In construing article in connection with the Acts of , page , and the Acts of , section six 6 , page , and the Acts of , section six 6 , page , is the statement of facts to be considered as one of the component parts of the transcript? Where a transcript has been filed in this court, either within statutory time, or by the order of this court under the power conferred in article , has this court the power to order brought into this court and filed as part of the record the statement of facts therein, on a proper showing being made for failure to file in this court the statement of facts within the time required by law?

We will condense the statement made by the Court of Civil Appeals in order to deal with the question of law involved. The plaintiffs below gave notice of appeal in due time, and filed in the District Court a statement of facts in the time fixed by law, approved by the judge of the court.

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The plaintiffs did not perfect their appeal, but, within less than one year from the date of the judgment, sued out a writ of error to the Court of Civil Appeals of the Second District by petition filed April 26, , making oath of inability to pay cost, which was allowed by the judge. Electronic Access: a.

Free access and people in the exemption list: Court records can be accessed for free at the public terminals. Also, judicial opinions cannot be charged. There are some people who are exempted from the service fee. They are trustees of bankrupt trusts, obviously pro bono attorneys and judicial and law enforcement officers. If you are only looking for the status of the case and a brief on the past activities of the case then a court docket should serve the purpose. You cannot access court records involving juveniles as they are kept confidential to protect the identity of the individuals.

Other instances of confidential files include financial data, information on domestic violence victims, data on people in the witness protection program, drug and substance abuse details like lab reports admitted as evidence and adoption information. However, it will help to know about the tribunal that is hearing or has heard the matter that you are interested in. Take a look at the judicial hierarchy to understand how a case progresses through the legal system. Trial Courts- As the name suggests, these courts handle most civil and criminal cases in a given location.

Appellate Courts — They range from first circuit to eleventh circuit and the District of Columbia circuit.

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Federal Courts with Original Jurisdiction — They deal with matters like tax, international trade, patents, federal claims, foreign intelligence, bankruptcy, trademark and alien terrorist removal. The difference lies in the extent of information offered. Super Short Chapters to Study!

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