List of people arrested in february 2008

The charges against Mr. Kilgannon and Mr. Polakoff stem from an aborted plan to build a Nascar track in Staten Island, where site preparation work was done. But the project was never completed because racing officials scuttled the plan in the face of community opposition, officials said.

Crackdown in Khartoum

Also the subject of extortions was the Liberty View Harbor project in Jersey City, the officials said. The seven murders include five that prosecutors are charging were committed by one Gambino soldier, Charles Carneglia, between and , officials said.

The first was the slaying of Albert Gelb, a highly decorated court officer who arrested Mr. Carneglia in a Queens diner after noticing he was carrying a pistol.

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Gelb was shot four days before he was to testify against Mr. Carneglia in that case. The last was the killing of an armored car guard, Jose Delgado Rivera, who was shot in the back during a robbery, the officials said.

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In addition to the F. The case was based in large part on the hundreds of hours of secretly recorded conversations made by the informant, a construction executive.

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In the state case, brought by the office of the Queens district attorney, Richard A. Brown, 26 people were charged with gambling, loan-sharking and promoting prostitution, officials said. Twenty of the people had been arrested by about 10 a. The leadership of the family — Mr. Corozzo — were all charged in federal court with racketeering conspiracy and extortion and, if convicted, face up to 20 years in prison on multiple counts.

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Cameroonian Youths and the Protest of February

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  8. July 26, Kocharyan has been charged with 'overthrowing constitutional order'. Related Posts. Another scandal connected with Russian military base in Armenia. Armenian opposition figure sentenced to 10 years in prison.

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    Former Armenian President summoned for questioning. The case of those killed in Armenia during the protests still unsolved. Trees poisoned with chemical substance as commercial development continues in Baku.