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So make sure you call your provider before you go to figure out how to arrange cheaper calls while abroad. Another option — and one that will probably be more economical, at least for calling Italian phone numbers — is getting an Italian SIM card. What Italian number would I be calling? To check, make sure that you can open up the back of your phone and take out the little chip there yourself. Buying a SIM card is also a lot easier to do than it seems.

You can buy a SIM card for as little as 5 euros, which gives you 5 euros worth of calls, texts, and data. Make sure you bring some form of identification with you when you go. You only need to do three things 1. Another option you have is just buying an Italian cell phone.

You can get a phone, with 10 euros already loaded as credit, for as cheap as 30 euros. Because having your own Italian phone number is so handy, and so much cheaper, we generally recommend that you get your own SIM card or Italian cell phone if you are in the country for five days or more.

To call an Italian phone number from a U. Dial the rest of the number. Include the first 0. When calling other countries, you drop that 0. So: If someone hands you a card that says their Italian number is , then, from your U.

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Got it? To call a U. Dial Once you have done it once, its pretty easy. Just a key point — for Verizon Wireless Customers you will need to obtain a Global Ready in over countries device. They will send you a device, you will be charged for your usage only. When you return, ship the device back and up re-activate your own phone.

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Make sure you get the Global Value Plan to keep costs down. These devices are not eligible for SIM Unlock with another carriers sim card. Thanks for the extra tips, Giovanna! I need to receive a business call while on my travels. If not, could you enlighten me? I need all the help I can get. Hi Janine, We know it can be confusing! Will apps that are on my Verizon IPhone 4 work in Italy?

I have some translation apps. Will they work? Angry Birds? Let us know if we can answer anything else! Before my trip to Italy, is there anything I need to make sure of so that I will be able to text my family that is in the U. Thanks, Kenzie. Let us know if we can help with anything else! Please let us know if we can help with anything else! Please could you confirm what is the correct input method to call the following number, whilst in italy, using my T-Mobile UK smart phone. Good article but I would like to add that more and more people, like myself, are interested in using their cell phones for data and less for making calls.

I have an unlocked iPhone with Verizon. So, doing some research, I found out that the best solution is to get a local SIM card which I did online before my trip.

Good experience and worth checking out. Hi there, Your iPad will work on wireless; otherwise, you can actually go through the same process and get a micro SIM for your iPad, as far as we know. Let us know how it works out! Does the phone need to be jailbroke or something else before they can put their sim card in it and use it there? Thank you for your help. Good luck!

I have smart talk cell plan. Can I use italy sims card in my smart phone or buy Italian phone on arrival. Ciao Merle! If your cell phone is unlocked — meaning that it is not bound to one provider — you should be able to use an Italian sim card. We suggest contacting the cell company just to be sure. Let us know if you have any questions! Ciao Karen, if you have a texting service via internet such as iMessage or WhatsApp , you will not be charged when connected to WiFi. SMS traditional texts, however, will be considered as roaming depending on your plan.

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I have a wind sim card in italian bought phone. I can receive calls but not make calls. Trying to call Italian numbers. Any advise. Let us know if we can assist you! Hi, I am going to Italy in 3 weeks. If I buy a sim card I see you recommend Wind. I can buy an Italian sim card before I leave instead of waiting to do it in Italy? If I buy this online then go to the Verizon store will they be able to unlock my phone and put the sim card in?

Ciao Diane, if you have an unlocked phone, you can put in an Italian sim card without losing your stored info. However, please note that Whatsapp may ask you to message with your Italian number and not your American number when the Italian SIM is inserted.

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We suggest waiting to purchase the SIM until you arrive in Italy so the provider can set up your phone number and register you. Hi, my daughter is traveling to Italy next week. She is bringing her iphone 4s, and we have set up an international calling plan with ATT on that phone.

I did not add anything to her regular 10 digit number. I am receiving texts from her. Can you help? You can call your phone carrier and set up an international plan to be able to contact your daughter and that should work! I dial the number I am calling from my computer screen or key board and use the mic in my computer to talk. This has been a great solution for us at a very low cost. I have booked an apartment for my stay in Italy during our upcoming trip and I have the contact phone number for the manager which I have programmed into my phone.

When you refer to the first 0, should there be a zero in front of the ? Hi Cheryl, the 0 refers to landlines. Would they dial it as they would if it is located in the US? Hi Robert, if you are using your US mobile phone in Italy, Italian landlines and mobiles can dial you as if you were located in the US.

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What is the best and least expensive way to do this? Cell phone? Are there public phones? Buy a particular international cell phone? Hi Joan, if you have access to a computer, we suggest putting some credit on your Skype account from which you can call US cell phones and landlines very inexpensively. Thanks for your help. David M.

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We are going to Italy in 4 weeks for 10 days. Now to our problem and question. We went to Egypt, Jordon, and Israel last March. We went to a full service Verizon store and a service person took our phone, said we had a sim card, and said we were ok. Nothing worked. What would you recommend for us.