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Our legal department checklists and account flow procedures are within state compliance.

Is IC System Listed on Your Credit Report?

Staff members have experience in dispute procedures and attend ongoing training. We also adhere to document retention and data destruction methods that allow for complete discretion and confidentiality. Specific compliance documents are available to satisfy vendor management questionnaires. If necessary, we can implement disaster recovery and data breach action plans. Home Debt Collection Contact. Litigation Program Since our doors first opened, we have maintained an in-house legal department of two staff attorneys and paralegals.

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Should I go ahead and pay or wait until they come off? What are the probabilities that I can request a pay for delete? When I checked in the Transunion report said it will come off my report around March , which at this moment seem like a long time. Recently I checked my report on credit karma and it shows that the collection was opened in , where in fact they both were in , now making it stay longer on my report.

What would be the best thing for me to do at the moment?

Skip Tracing in the Debt Collections Process

Should I pay, dispute the date, or wait till it comes off? The two collection agencies are Pinnacle Credit Services cell phone who made mailed me a settlement letter last year and Convergent Outsourcing Cable Provider. Thank you for your time and guidance! Utility companies are one of the few debts I suggest trying pay for delete with. But Cable providers and cell phone services may not play ball. Neither Pinnacle Credit Services , nor Convergent Outsourcing , are good targets to get to delete collections in return for payment. I do recommend resolving those collections so that they get updated to show you took care of them on your credit reports.

They will fall off your reports based on the dates you stopped paying them, and not the newer dates the collection agencies use. Keep a copy of the credit reports you have today. They could come in handy for the disputes you may later file. You may want to check out my article about renting an apartment with bad credit. Hi, so I was wondering about a couple things on my credit report.

I have two accounts in collections one is a U. My big reason is how do I get these collections off my report or how long will it take to fall off. All I hear is collection items and not enough years of accounts open. I would look to resolve the cell phone bill and get it updated to show as such on your credit reports.

I would dispute the medical bill as paid with the credit bureaus and see what comes of it. Do you recall when you walked into the office and paid cash, and who it was that helped you? Makes some notes of all that in case you need to do something more.

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You might want to try getting a secured credit card to start. It is still showing up and being sent to collection agency after collection agency.

Experian Boost – Does it really boost your FICO [What, How, Pros, & Cons]

How do I get that to stop? Also, I had a credit card with BOA. They then filed a C. I countered with form and was declared insolvent. How can they still be claiming the account as being open and delinquent on my credit report? Again, what can I do to get this taken care of. A debt does not extinguish once the SOL to sue and show on your credit reports expires. It can still be collected.

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If you want to stop hearing from debt collectors on those really old accounts you will want to send a cease communication letter, and will have to repeat that to each new debt collector. Use certified mail to send letters and keep a copy for your records.

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The credit card with BofA that did not get paid will typically stay on your credit report for 7 and one half years from when you stopped paying. That is normal. You really cannot get it off earlier. I had a bank account i believe when i was 17 or 18 years old. I had over drafted the account and never paid anything as a irresponsible young adult.. Now at the age of 26 and trying to get my credit together i have had this debt in collections.

I live in Washington state. If it has been over the 7 and a half years what would be my best options? What would be the best option for me to pursue at this point? Any info helps, Thanks! Are you having any trouble opening bank accounts? Is the collection still appearing on your credit reports?

What is the name of the collection agency trying to make a deal with you? Correct, only it is normal for your Chase account and the debt collector to fall off your credit after 7 and 1 half years, and not just 7, from the date your payments stopped. I have recently applied for a mortgage and although I got approved, I have a collection that appeared when my credit was checked.

It appears to be a charge for a library book that I incurred just about 7 years ago March and the collection agency is Unique Collections. My loan officer said she recommended I take care of the balance through the collection agency, but I was under the impression that after 7 years it will no longer be on my credit report. Thank you for your help! Is it possible to have your mail id or number so that I can give more details.

Need your guidance. Thanks much. My email address is the same one you get comment notifications from. Hi Mike I had a good credit history from to in CA. In I was laid off and since I was on h1b I had to leave the country. Now the company for which I am working is ready to offer employment in USA but I do have the following questions.

Please help taking right decision. Will the debt create any problem in leasing apartment or car etc. Will there be any summons or notices from any one as SOL of 4 years is already passed? How can I check my credit report as I am living outside US? Is it OK to start living all over again?

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An old unpaid debt can cause issues with renting an apartment. Do you have a set date that you are planning to move back? It can depend on who the debt collector is, but generally no, you would not have to be overly concerned with debt collectors being aggressive with a debt this old. They will have figured the debt is passed the SOL. If you know the name of the current debt collector, or debt owner, post an update and I may have more feedback.

We are planning to move around first week of April. Will my credit report be clean right after seven years. If this is the case still renting be a problem? Please advice. Negatives stuff like you have on your credit can often stay on for 7 and a half years. You could have difficulty because of this. Read the article I linked to in my prior comment about renting a home or apartment with bad credit.

When it comes to collections, I had one debt same creditor and amount which had been handed off twice to its final resting place with ERC, with whom I settled. I filed a dispute with TU to clear the redundant information and update the balance to zero, and they indicated they would investigate and let me know within 30 days.