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Amendments to birth certificates can only correct minor errors. In the state of California, changes can only be made in the following situations:. In order to amend minor errors on a birth certificate, you will need to file paperwork with the California Department of Public Health Vital Records. The following paperwork and documents should be submitted:. You will also need to submit any fee that is required in order for the amendment to be processed and approved.

Although some of the above items are optional, supplying them may expedite the process. And if you do not submit all the required papers, then your application will be returned.

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However, if you have tried to handle it and were unsuccessful due to a roadblock, then you may want to contact a California lawyer to find out what options you might have. A serious roadblock would be something that will require you to go to court and speak to a judge about a court order. Ashley Folk. Law Library Disclaimer. Can't find your category?

Correcting details on a certificate

What do I need to get it changed back to Mendez? Is it a long process? Does it cost a lot? Hello Alondra and thank you for your question. You have two options to rectify the discrepancies between your birth certificate and your social security card. The first option, which will likely be less expensive and less time consuming, would be to contact the Social Security Administration to apply to change your name on your social security card to match that which is on your birth certificate.

The second option would involve legally changing your name back to Mendez and would require you to contact the court system where the original name change took place. They should be able to offer you guidance and provide information regarding the fees and time frame involved. Hello Rose Ann. We apologize but we do not understand what you are asking.

Can you please repost your question or email us at vitals. Hello Joshua. We recommend that you contact Vital Records again in the city and state where you were born as they are the ones who should be able to guide you through the process of getting your birth certificate corrected. Find out if they can accept alternate forms of documentation to verify your identity such as school or work ID, utility bills etc. We wish you luck in this endeavor. I would like to change my name down to a shorter nickname. I was born in Georgia but I currently reside in California and have never been back to Georgia since leaving at 1 year old.

How would I go about this? Hello Alex. To change your birth certificate, you will need to contact the Vital Records Amendments agency in Georgia for further guidance.

What steps would we have to take to correct my husbands name. When he was 10 yrs old his father passed away in an oilfield accident and the lawyers had his named changed which they took off his middle name and left his mothers maiden name added his fathers last name. They also never changed his ss and we are having a lot of trouble trying to straighten it out. What can or needs to be done?

Hello Marcy. We recommend that your husband contact the amendments and corrections department of the vital records office responsible for issuing his original birth certificate. Inquire as to what steps to follow in order to obtain corrected birth certificate. It is possible he may be required to get a court order to legally change or modify his name on his birth certificate.

In this case, he will need to contact the office of the court that handles name changes and then fill out and submit a petition for a change of name with the correct office.

HOW TO: Change Your Name & Gender (Birth Certificate)

Hello Nicklas. We are sorry to hear about your situation. The first thing to do would be to contact the vital records agency where you were born to determine the requirements will be to amend your birth certificate to include your first name.

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  • Requirements can vary from state to state so we cannot give you a definitive answer. My husband now my ex-husband put down my stage name and he was supposed to correct this 16 years ago. I have tried to research on how to proceed. It would be amazing to get help on this. Hello Lisa. We will need a bit more information in order to offer you proper guidance.

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    Please email us at vitals. He is two years younger than me but the certificate shows that we are the same age. When we met he was lying about his age and he is still doing it. Also, the time of birth is incorrect. The certificate says she was born at AM which is absolutely wrong. She was actually born at PM. Hello Tawanna. Since many states have different requirements for correcting a birth certificate, we recommend that you contact the Vital Records Corrections and Amendments office in the city where your daughter was born.

    They should be able to tell you the steps you will need to take. I was born outside of the U. S in Thailand. When we came to the U. S, my uncle mistakenly entered the year as my birth year, but my real birth year was Who should I approach this situation to? Hello Kang. Thanks for reaching out. If you are looking to correct an error on your U.

    Department of State. Otherwise, you could contact the Thai embassy for guidance. But, will that undo my legally married name? My middle name that I received in Confirmation, I use the initial in all my affairs. I just want my birth certificate, to show the spelling of my first name, the way i have been using it, my whole life since grade school I do not want the middle name added to the birth certificate, because that is NOT how my life happened.

    Thank You. Hello Joanne. We suggest you contact the Amendments and corrections office of Vital Records in the area where you were born for guidance on how to legally change your name on your birth certificate. We got a lawyer to do the legal name change on the birth certificate. We got the court order for the approval of the name change on his birth certificate. What all does he have to do to get a new birth certificate with the correct name?

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    Because he wants to go and get all his information changed at the bank, his DL, work, get his TWIC card, passport and report it to the credit bureaus since he has a lot of issues for credit due to the two different last names. He was born is Pasadena, Tx. Hello Jessie. Thank you for reaching out to us. Since you already have the court order approving the name change, we recommend you contact the vital records office in Pasedena, TX for more information on how to proceed.

    I reside in Texas but born in Hawaii. Do I need to do a name change? If so, what state? They will be able to provide you with the proper instructions and information needed to make such a change. We hope this has been helpful for you. Hello Alicia. Thanks for reaching out to us with your question. Each state may have different guidelines on how to correct a name on a birth certificate.

    How Do You Change Your Birth Certificate Online?

    We suggest you contact the amendments and corrections department of the vital records agency in the state where your son was born for further guidance. I have changed my name via court order due to domestic violence and identity theft. The court has sealed the name change because of that so it was not publicized in papers. The department of vitals says they either amend or change the name.