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You can narrow your results by providing a forename s , initial or year of death or burial. If you aren't sure of the exact year of death or burial, enter the first digits of the decade, for example, - to display records only from the s. If you are looking for records for these graveyards, call our Cemeteries and Crematorium Central Office on or email cemeteries belfastcity.

Please note that we do not look after, or hold records for, Milltown Cemetery or Knockbreda Cemetery. Call Milltown Cemetery on or Knockbreda Cemetery on Skip to Main Content. Belfast City. Text Size A A A. Accessibility Cookies Contact us. What We Like Information about veterans' cemeteries, cemeteries of the California missions, and cemeteries that have been flooded.

Search cemeteries around the world. What We Don't Like Misleading ads and links to external websites.

Dad's Burial - Tahoma National Cemetery July 17, 2014

Browsing names alphabetically is time consuming. Unintuitive search feature. Visit Interment.

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What We Like Resources for national and state veterans cemeteries. Interactive map on the home page. What We Don't Like Only basic information is provided. No images or links to family members. Visit National Cemetery Administration. What We Like Huge number of records.

National Burial Index For England & Wales

Mostly high-quality images. What We Don't Like Powered by volunteers, so mistakes might be common. Browsing cemeteries requires a user account. Visit BillionGraves.

Information about Burial and Death Records in the UK

How to Find Obituaries Online : Death notices, interment records, and obituaries can usually be tracked down online with a little bit of patience. However, sometimes the web is merely a jumping-off point for research that can only be done in person at a records office. There are several free public records search tools you can use right now to track down the information that's available to the public.

Many resources include gravesite records, death notices, and interment information.

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Continue Reading. She really wants to visit his grave and leave flowers, how can we find him? I would start by contacting local funeral homes. We all keep record of every family that we've looked after. They would be able to let you know which cemetery they would be buried in. From there, go to the cemetery, they can do what's called a grave lookup, and give you an idea whereabouts in the cemetery he's located. They can also give you a map with the approximate location keep in mind that it's a hand drawn approximate location on the map, but they should have section and range markers that would steer you in the right location.

Cemetery locations shouldn't fall under the privacy act, the only issue that may come up is if the family had asked that arrangements be kept private, in which case they shouldn't provide any information, unfortunately. Also be aware that people often don't bury cremated remains, in which case you would be pretty much stuck. I don't want to being your hopes down, but it's something to be aware of.

I've been a funeral director for the last 7 years so if there's anything that I can do to help, or any questions I can answer for you, feel free to PM me. I hope everything works out for you guys! Thank you for your help.

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  • I'll start calling funeral homes on Monday and see if anyone can help. Part of the problem is that he had a physical and intellectual disability and trying to get information from the social service agencies that cared for them is impossible. When he died they had my friend who considered herself to be his wife taken away for the day while his brother ransacked the apartment and took whatever he wanted that he thought would be of value.